Fahan School’s Boarding House is a home away from home for girls, providing a safe environment and a chance to form close friendships.

For students who need to live away from home to attend school, Fahan can provide a safe and stimulating environment within its Sandy Bay boarding house and the opportunity to develop close friendships with students from around Tasmania, interstate and overseas. There are short-term and full-time boarding options available to students in Years 5-12 in our family-orientated, all-girls boarding house in Hobart, Tasmania.

As a girl grows towards adulthood her needs change and at Fahan we accommodate for this by providing more freedom and responsibility for learning in the Boarding House environment. Our students develop the habits of a health-promoting lifestyle in readiness to cope with the lifelong challenge of managing change, taking responsibility for their own learning and understanding their individual rights, while being aware of the community rights of others and achieving a balance of personal freedom, duty and proper citizenship.

Students in Years 5 to 10 live in ‘Nateby’, the original stately Fahan residence, which offers inviting dormitory style accommodation that allows friendships to form between boarders. Students in Years 5 to 8 undertake prep sessions in Nateby under the supervision of the Boarding House staff, who closely monitor their studies. Students in Years 9 and 10 undergo their prep sessions in the Senior Library with the presence of a tutor to assist if necessary. The progress of each student is monitored and there is an easy liaison between academic and boarding staff.

Girls in Years 11 and 12 reside in the senior boarding residence, where they are provided with individual accommodations, and are given more independence and privacy. These rooms are equipped with the latest modern conveniences including reverse cycle air conditioning and internet access. Senior students also have access to a basic kitchenette and a lounge area with entertainment facilities. Tutors are available for academic and emotional assistance. However, these students' learning style is self directed and collaborative and allows each girl to take responsibility for their own learning.

Meals are prepared fresh each day for the boarding family and their feedback ensures popular meals are made and that the menu is varied. We ensure that all food is healthy and geared towards the nutritional needs of growing girls and dietary requirements are readily accommodated.

Students with extracurricular commitments are also catered for so that they can involve themselves fully in Fahan School life.

However long their stay is, Fahan’s Boarding facilities offer students a safe, happy and fulfilling place to live.

Director of Residence, Margo Eckermann

Our Director of Residence, Margo Eckermann has extensive experience working in a boarding house environment. She lives permanently on campus during the school year with three boarding house tutors.

“Boarding is an innate part of a young person’s education. Living with students on the campus at Fahan School, situated only minutes away from the small shopping village and Long Beach offers a unique experience for the girls to enjoy beach activities after school and on the weekend.” said Margo. One of the strengths of living on campus at Fahan is the camaraderie of the close-knit community and the ambience of the peaceful grounds. The quiet surroundings are conducive to sound study habits and allows the students to utilise the safety of the grounds and surrounds on the weekend. My experience in boarding has demanded ongoing education, workshops, seminars and conferences within Australia and at Cambridge University in the UK. Diplomas gained in Residential Care along with Certificates in Administration and Duty of Care have allowed me to work comfortably in large boarding schools in Toowoomba, and on the Gold Coast in Queensland as well as in Sydney NSW.

The necessity to better understand the needs of International students encouraged me to gain qualifications in teaching ESL. This led me to diversify for several years lecturing in a Business and Language College on the Gold Coast. I have also taken part in various exchange programs with International Schools, and spent many hours with students from around the world preparing them for IELTS exams in preparation for senior schooling and university entrance in Australia."

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