Digital Citizenship - Our Promise

Years 9 and 10 Fahan students, for what initially began as a competition entry into the 2010 Crime Stoppers Youth Challenge, created the Our Promise DVD and pledge.

Our Promise focuses on the consequences of cyberbullying and the importance of its recognition, as one in ten students in Australia has dealt with, or is dealing with cyberbullying issues.

The girls who created the project investigated the important aspects and concerns involved with the issue and the way in which they could highlight the problem that bullying behaviour is reinforced when people watch and do nothing.

They created a video using black and white images of themselves, their peers, teachers and a range of Australian identities to show sufferers that there is a wide variety of people to turn to who are willing to take a stand against cyberbullying. To reinforce this message they created a pledge – not to join in; to seek help; to protect each other – and asked every Fahan girl to sign the pledge in front of an assembly.

This student-led approach of dealing with the issue of cyberbullying is one that Fahan will continue to use. Students have more respect and understanding when the onus for the solution is, in part, placed on them.

Each year Fahan girls will resign the pledge which is housed in a prominent area of the School as a reminder of the promise they have made to themselves and to each other.

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