Pastoral Care

At Fahan we foster a culture of care and support.

Our unique size means that special bonds are developed with both peers and teachers, helping every girl feel like a valued member of the Fahan community.

It is Fahan School’s aim to ensure that we provide each girl with a stable foundation for her social, emotional and intellectual growth through the provision of:

  • Close communication between students and teachers, in the classroom and tutor groups.
  • Curricular programs eg. bullying education, drug education, sex education, values and ethics education.
  • Unique peer support programs such as Big Sister, Little Sister.
  • Parent and teacher meetings to provide consistent feedback to parents on student progress and wellbeing.
  • Close communication between tutors and the Principal and Deputy Principal concerning each student’s progress and wellbeing.
  • An in-depth student leadership program providing another peer support initiative.

Everyone at Fahan School is charged with a responsibility of care, not just our teaching staff and student leaders. This means that Fahan girls develop a sense of responsibility and respect for each other, for their teachers, their parents and families and in the wider community.

By implementing a range of preventative strategies, designed to foster a caring and safe environment, we aim to ensure that each girl feels secure and happy at school – where students spend the majority of their waking hours.

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