Vision & Values

Light come visit me - "light destroys darkness, reveals truth, graces good deeds: it is creative," Miss Isobel Travers.

At Fahan School we strive to create an inclusive community and progressive educational environment where we can prepare and educate each one of our girls to achieve her full potential; empowering them to become the women who have an impact on the world and who fulfill every promise of their future.

Our Vision for Fahan School in the 21st Century is to aim to continue to be recognised and respected as a most outstanding and pre-eminent school for girls in Tasmania as well as being a preferred educational environment for students both within Australia and overseas.

Fahan is a non-denominational school with a Christian ethos.

Our Core Values

The Fahan School community is united by a strong set of values with the aim of:

  • Ensuring that every individual matters
  • Providing educational excellence
  • Developing resilience in each of our Fahan girls
  • Providing staff and students a nurturing environment
  • Instilling in Fahan girls an important sense of family and community
  • Encouraging Fahan girls to celebrate diversity and foster tolerance
  • Engendering positive ethical and moral behaviour in our Fahan girls 

Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Fahan is a school that looks towards the future whilst respecting the traditions and hard work that have laid the foundation for our first 80 years. The Fahan Strategic Plan 2018-2020 builds on the fine work that has been done during the life of our previous plan.

Our Strategic Plan provides clear aims, goals and specific initiatives designed to shape the future of our School and its role in the development of confident and educated women.

Strategic planning is a process that defines a broad vision for the direction of the School, identifies strengths and weaknesses, anticipates future challenges and directs the actions necessary to make the vision a reality. Although forward looking, the strategic planning process affirms the School's core principles, assumptions and values and then builds on that foundation to assure that Fahan is prepared to confront the dynamic forces shaping our culture, our institutions and the world.

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